About Diomics Corporation

As life science discovery and development continues to move toward a better understanding of biological responses to disease, the need for high-throughput, quality sample preparation and analysis becomes even more critical.  That's why Diomics is committed to providing innovative automation solutions through its materials and technologies that will lead the way to remarkable life science discoveries.

Diomics is focused on life sciences, specifically diagnostics, forensics, integrated DNA analysis and genetic solutions.  With the launch of the company, we designed and developed our first innovation:  Diomat™ Technology, a novel  material family for a whole host of life science applications.  Diomat’s unique structure and extreme stability lends itself to the advantages of traditional high-speed manufacturing processes while enabling the real integration of biotechnology at the molecular level including new engineered products, bone grafting, drug delivery and much more.

Using our long-standing industry relationships and internal expertise, we launched our first product, the X-Swab™, for the molecular diagnostic and forensic marketplaces.  Today based in San Diego, California, Diomics has developed numerous products, tools and services for the molecular diagnostic and forensic industries.