The X-Swab™ was designed to address unmet needs in forensics and buccal swab sample gathering. The Diomat™ swab head readily absorbs liquid and can release 80-90% of available DNA. Additionally, the swab head can be dissolved by solvents compatible with commercially available DNA extraction kits, allowing for easy integration into an automated workflow.

(bars=average, error bars= max and min)

See Marshall et al for an independent validation of X-Swab™

Please contact us for a quote. Typical pricing is about $1 per swab, before shipping & handling.  Minimum order of 100 swabs.

Diomat™ Film

The Diomat™ Film is capable of picking up inked fingerprints and DNA simultaneously. The hydrophilicity and mechanics are tunable. The film could potentially act as a cell scaffold or a drug delivery vehicle due to its 20μm thickness and biodegradation.

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Diomat™ Card

The Diomat™ is similar to the X-swab™ swab head, but in a flat sheet format. It has similar hydrophilic and DNA release properties, but can also be used as an air filter to trap and preserve airborne pathogens for later testing.

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