The Diomic's Technology

Diomic’s proprietary platform technology, Diomat™, is a novel bio-capture material with a unique structure and extreme stability. Diomat™ has the ability to efficiently pick up biologic materials from a variety of surfaces and release the majority of the DNA from the sample into the extraction solution. The Diomat™ capture material becomes soluble in the DNA extraction solution, with little or no sample retained with the capture matrix , unlike other commonly used collection materials.  Diomat’s versatile characteristics lend itself to a variety of product formats, including swabs, films, and fibers.

Diomat™ technology’s increased binding avidity allows for much smaller sample sizes to begin health assessments. A swab of saliva taken with Diomat™ may be used to identify rapidly emerging diabetes or underlying cancer. This sensitivity will also be relevant to other biologic scenarios. Less is more in regard to sample sizes, and the ability to use saliva or urine to identify emerging health concerns benefits individuals and the population in general. The extreme binding avidity of Diomat technology lends itself to widespread use in a variety of applications. For example, in diabetes, saliva or extremely small touch-blood samples could be used for determination of critical underlying developments such as Islet cell death, which is predictive of near term insulin use by the person. Similarly, in cancer, DNA and RNA expression could be detected earlier with less costly logistic challenges. Major pharmaceutical and device companies are eager to exploit these early diagnostics for disease, as they can change the trajectory of both the health outcome and resulting economics.