Diomics Corporation Adds Industry Heavyweight, Former Amway Coo To Its Board Of Directors

By Diomics 

March 25, 2021

Anthony Zolezzi, CEO of Diomics Corporation, is pleased to welcome Bill Nicholson
to the Diomics Corporation Board.

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., MARCH 25, 2021 – Diomics, a San Diego-based biotech company, today announced that Amway’s former COO, William “Bill” Nicholson has been named to join the Diomics Board of Directors to provide valuable strategic guidance to the Diomics management team. Mr. Nicholson will leverage his skills and expertise to provide strategic insight and direction as the company rapidly brings to market its product portfolio ranging from breakthrough Alzheimer’s and Diabetes therapies to the company’s Pandemic Protection Suite.

Mr. Nicholson’s wide-ranging experience includes serving as Appointments Secretary to President Gerald R. Ford; providing key leadership to the Amway Corporation where, as COO, he oversaw revenue growth from under $1 billion to over $6 billion; and serving on the boards of UCLA’s Center on Middle Eastern Development, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Grand Valley State University. Bill has served as an advisor to the Van Andel institute for a number of years.

“We’re incredibly lucky to be able to add Bill’s depth of experience to our board” Diomics CEO Anthony Zolezzi said. “One of the biggest challenges for a company in a fast growth environment is to have the long view perspective that Bill brings.”

Bill Nicholson’s career is marked by his proficiency for mixing personal investing with full-time business leadership. Beginning with his collegiate finance degree and military service as a Combat Pilot in the U.S. Air Force. His commitment to sustainability and ecofriendly practices are evidenced by years of pro-environment initiatives, natural gas exploration, and marine renewable energy as Director and Shareholder of Ecomerit Technologies.

Mr. Nicholson commented, “I am encouraged that since the pandemic, there is a willingness to try some fresh approaches to all aspects of healthcare. Diomics epitomizes that new outlook and I am pleased to serve as a Director.”

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