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Diomics Three Market Focus


Pandemic Product Suite


Transdermal and intradermal
monitoring system for the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen; and can be re-tooled in weeks to address future pathogens.


An intra-nasal system that
couples IgG antibodies with
Diomat™ nanobeads to enable
a passive prophylactic therapy.


Healing Product


A smart bandage system with
antibiotic, oxygenating, and
regenerative compounds that
supports the new battlefield hold
in place reality.

Replacement Therapy Suite

Diabetes Transplant
Intervention Therapy

A diabetes transplant
intervention therapy producing
insulin for Type 1 Diabetes sufferers.


There are Dozens of Covid Tests
But Only One


Industry Issues

  • Infection Monitoring
  • I-Symptomiatic Individuals
  • Lack of Monitoring and Track and Trace Systems

Industry Issues

  • Long- and Short-Term Monitoring Capability
  • Connected to Track and Trace Data Symptom
  • Integrated Protection Solutions

Enabling Technology

The proprietary capability of Diomat™ allows it to deliver a localized dose of non-infectious antigen, which is absorbed through the skin. A reddening of the skin visible through the patch shows that the person has either recently been exposed to the virus and should get tested and quarantine, or has recovered from a previous coronavirus infection and may still retain immunity.


Monoclonal Antibodies

Two Innovations

The Path

The Path - Intranasal Antibody Prophylaxis

The Vehicle

The Vehicle - Bio-resorbable Diomat™ nanobeads.

Enabling Technology

Diomics nanobeads are composed of an FDA approved polymer
used for decades in tissue engineering and surgeries.
Prepared with Diomics proprietary methods, the antibody-bound
nanobeads are formulated and packaged for intranasal delivery.


WOUND Technology


As levels of air support have become more stretched in recent years, it takes much longer for soldiers wounded in the battlefield to transit to medical support


With limited space and weight in pack soldiers need a lightweight all in one solution for immediate wound care that can deliver extended care with no need for redressing

Enabling Technologies

Breakthrough wound rejuvenation system powered by pluripotent, ethically derived, human stem cells. Delivered by our proprietary Diomat™ bandage system

Replacement Therapy

Diabetes Transplant Intervention Therapy

How Diomics Transforms Diabetes Treatment

34 million people in the United States — about 10% of the population lack insulin-producing cells, known as beta cells, from damage or depletion

Stem Cell Transplant Therapy has proven effective but temporary since the 1990’s because the patient’s antibodies attack and destroy the implanted beta cells

Our preliminary investigation of building a Diomat™ cage to protect embedded stem cells has yielded promising results in animal studies

An embedded Diomics Cell Islets cage holds the promise of eliminating the need for insulin injections for up to a year. Transforming Diabetics Lives Forever

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