Diomics' Diomat™ highly efficient nucleic acid capture technology improves detection in the fields of forensics and diagnostics. 


The Diomics, Inc proprietary polymeric material, Diomat™, was used to construct a superior device for collection of biologic samples at crime scenes. X-Swab™, based on the Diomat™ technology, is an easy-to-use bio-specimen collection device that replaces the highly inefficient cotton swab, enabling immediate DNA forensics applications. 


Increasingly, technologies are being developed to identify disease states such as diabetes, cancer, and infectious diseases, from blood, saliva, urine, or other body fluids. When cells multiply or die they shed related DNA and RNA nucleic acids. Global diagnostic screens are being developed for  predictive or interventional medicine to exploit this phenomenon,

Diomics has moved into our new large manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, CA.  This new facility will greatly expand our manufacturing capacity and also has facilities for research and development.